about us

A couple of food fanatics who are so obsessed with recreating their trip down the tasting lane around the world, and show casing what they believe can a greater experience for Christchurch people. We think good food would always be appreciated no matter where it's from and to, by learning possible components along the way little by little, Dose Diner were born in 2015 after the first Dose Cafe on Hereford St 2007.


There's never been a point that Andy had given up on developing Asian flavours in each menu, and with our travels and family efforts together, Eightgrains and Sushi Soldier started in 2017, and followed by Table of Munchies 2019 bringing a slightly different offerings for the neighbourhood. Gelato and Tea later in the year in the Riverside Market was us trying to perfect dessert sector, Ramen Ria was the outcome of us loving noodles every meal and enjoy making noodles ourselves to educate people more about ramen culture, and then Midnight Shanghai was the big sister to spread the words about modernised Yum Cha scene with a touch of Karaoke fun. No doubt the latest baby Cantina bar is the most central and casual function space to hold small events and large social activities of up to 400 people, unbelievable vibe with amazing amount of foot traffic that Riverside Market can help with organising social activities and raising brand awareness.

Both of us are learning everything as we go, non stop and no breaks, working the hardest with the intention to bring the better and more for our home Christchurch, which makes us really happy and stay challenged professionally and personally. Thank you for the support people of Christchurch, the journey is off to a good start and long way to go! xx

Find Us

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Experience Dim Sum and cocktail the modern Shanghainese style, with refined desserts offerings. 

Open 7 days, 10:30am-11pm

Upstairs of Riverside Market,

96 Oxford Tce

020 4017 3488

A little boutique Chinese Eatery also an innovative caterer, a challenge seeker and believer in presenting you our interpretation of modern Asian food.

Little High Eatery

255 St Asaph St

027 614 4255

An ideal suburb Cafe with solid breakfast, brunch and lunch offerings, as well as various functions and catering, birthday cake special orders.

295 Blenheim Road


03 343 1999

Your local ramen joint serving traditional pork, chicken & vegan ramen, plus dumplings, bao, & beers! Open 7 days, 10am-10pm​

Riverside Market Laneway,

112 Oxford Terrace

020 4013 3266

Awesome Japanese style food and bar serving classics like karaage chicken, tonkotsu ramen, tempura, matcha ice cream, sake, plum wine; and Asahi on tap!

Little High Eatery

255 St Asaph St

027 614 4255

Little boutique cafe serving espresso, juices, delicious cabinet food including sweets and salads.

44 Hereford Street

Christchurch Central

03 421 5673

Asian influenced Gelato made in house, in combination with Taiwanese bubble tea! Fruit iced tea, frappe, fruit ice blocks and soft serve. 

Riverside Market,

96 Oxford Terrace

020 4013 3226

Little Social Cafe provides you Supreme Coffee, house baked goods, cocktail, beer and desserts.


Little High Eatery

255 St Asaph St

027 614 4255

An atmospheric bar where you can dine on the brilliant food within the Riverside Market, while enjoying a range of drinks from the bar. Host your next event with us!

Upstair of Riverside Market, 96 Oxford Tce


Your Asian-blend cuisine boutique cafe with high tea and small plates of bao, dumplings and sweet treats for dessert in Merivale.


Merivale Mall back entrance

189 Papanui road

021 0636369

Whether it's meeting over coffees, sharing meals with families, or getting together for a special event, Westend Stories is about celebrating moments.

93 Cambridge Terrace Christchurch

03 421 5672

Fresh dumplings, ramen, bao, spring rolls proudly made ourselves with natural ingredients here in Christchurch, frozen packs and contactless delivery available

Central Christchurch