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Rice Paper Spring Rolls - VA, GFA


Gucamole & Salsa Cups - VA, GFA, DFA


Salmon Crostini Cream Cheese


Spiced Corn Fritter


Korean Garlic Bread


Ceviche Boats - GFA, DFA


Edamame Beans - VA, GFA, DFA


VA - Vegan Available

GFA - Gluten Free Available

DFA - Dairy Free Available


Minimum order of 10 pieces per item. 


Can't decide?

"Mixed Cold Canape Platter" includes pieces of each:

3 x Rice Paper Spring Rolls,

3 x Gucamole & Salsa Cups,

3 x Ceviche Boats,

2 x Korean Garlic Bread,

4 x Salmon Crostini Cream Cheese,

1 x Edamame Beans


Double Dribble Catering Christchurch

Cold Canapes

PriceFrom $4.00
GST Included
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